The CSK vs GT 2023 Final, from a Dhoni’s fan Perspective

The game of cricket never cease to amaze me. Every time I witness a cricketing moment which I think could never get topped by any other, there comes a match which makes me fall in love again with this game.

It’s IPL 2023 final, CSK vs GT, and the game has gone into a second day as the planned first day was washed out. Fans were speculating it as a last game of MSD, and thus this game holds more importance than just a final for a Dhoni fan.

The match was an epic emotional roller coaster, It’s amazing that a simple game of cricket can bring out such emotions from a spectator.

Dhoni’s wicket

The stage is set, CSK just needs 22 runs off 14 balls, in comes Dhoni in what is considered as his final match of his career, he plays the first ball and puts the ball directly in the hands of extra cover. What a moment in the game. What a moment for a Dhoni fan, the audience in the stadium in stunned, You see the same dejected look on the Dhoni’s face that you remember from Ind vs NZ world-cup semifinal.

And this is it, this is how it ends, the man who hardly show emotions is disheartened, you can see it and you can feel it as well.

MSD goes out, he keeps shaking his head. You remember this shake of head, and you also remember the outcome of all the matches where Dhoni has gone out while chasing.

You have still got hope, there aren’t many runs needed, it’s just 22 of 13 now.

The penultimate over is of Shami, and he gives only 8 runs, the last over is of Mohit Sharma, and he throws four consecutive inch perfect yorkers. The match is gone out of CSK’s hand, it’s done. It’s now 10 needed of 2 balls and its next to impossible to hit those runs to a bowler how is bowling such perfect balls every damn time.

It’s 2 AM and you have accepted the defeat, it’s not every day that someone will hit two consecutive boundaries on the last two balls of the match, certainly not in the IPL final match.

It’s now looking like Dhoni is not even looking at the balls being played. He is having his head down for most of the time.

Jadeja’s Magic Strokes

It’s the second last ball of the match, and Jadeja hits it out of the park for a SIX. You get elated, the Chennai dugout is elated.

But aren’t last ball losses hurt more than the second last ball loss. I am now almost shivering, it’s just a matter of seconds Mohit Sharma is on his run-up, and I am almost at the loss of emotions of what will happen, he throws a delivery down the leg, Jadeja swings his bat to put it down to the third man, and he succeeds, the ball races towards the boundary for a FOUR.

Before you realize what happened, the Chennai dugout is out on the field running, Jadeja is pumped, he is running towards the teammates. I am feeling the adrenaline rush, the impossible has happened.

The Post Match Emotions

Dhoni who was sitting in the dugout with disappointment now gets up and is now smiling, he is relieved. Jadeja comes towards him running, he hugs and pulls him up on him. Such a heart touching moment in both Jadeja’s and Dhoni’s cricketing journey. I almost chocked up.

With such a nail-biting thriller, you see all sort of emotional outburst from the players and support staff. The more stressful the task, the more elated you feel after accomplishing it.

Within moments, the GT team is out of the picture, and now it’s all about CSK. The players are hugging each other, everybody is overjoyed.

Amongst all this there was a one moment which caught my attention, It’s the support staff and coaches hugging each other in the group of four and one of them is actually crying.

It’s not everyday you see a group of four men hugging each other who are letting out their emotions. What an amazing moment this is, I think there are very few activities which bring out such a bond between the people, and one such is team sports.

Player’s family is out now, and there comes another moment that touches the heart.

Jadeja did not have a very good season with the bat, fans cheered every time he got out since they wanted to see Dhoni bat, and here is the man winning the IPL final for the team, goes to his wife and gives her a hug. Almost a depiction of a soldier returning after a battle.

If this IPL was a movie, and you are watching it as a CSK fan, then this was the perfect climax you could have asked for.

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