Embracing Agile Methodology in Architectural and Interior Design Projects

I have been working closely on the renovation of my new home and as it almost at the completion stages. It stuck me that more than the software world, the Agile methodology of managing the project would make sense in the world of home building and interior designs.

Managing an interior project is a hectic task, and it does involve a lot of project management skills, Same in the software world, a home project whether it is from ground up or a renovation of an existing built involves work from different vendors and agencies, each vendor and agencies often has dependency on one another.

My home was a renovation project, and it involved work from civil, electrician, carpentry, fabricator, paint, and many such agencies. Although it is the work of my interior designer to track and assign the work of each agency, I often found myself in the midst of managing and enquiring the progress of tasks from the head (contractors) of each of the agency.

In my short stint of managing different agencies, I am convinced that the Agile way of working would be handy for interior projects where every morning you could have an online / offline / telephonic standup call that involves all the agencies working on the project, turn by turn each agency can go through the task they are supposed to work and if they have any blockers or dependency on other agency for their work.

Since interior projects are usually delayed by the actual promised deadlines, It will also be useful that the Interior designer here can divide the project in the sprint of 10 days and can track the progress of the project using sprints.

Although I don’t belong to this field, if someone from interior / architectural field is reading this, he/she can look into the agile way of running the projects and try incorporating it in their projects.

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